Camino Verde Paraguay

The Sustainable Way Forward

Residential Opportunities

Offering people a healthier, happier, sustainable lifestyle with housing, work and a prosperous future.

Investment Opportunities

Enjoy a sustainable investment opportunity that delivers more than expected with a great return on investment. 

Welcome to Camino Verde Paraguay

Camino Verde Paraguay presents an eco-community housing project, an alternative mode, that provides people with an exceptional opportunity to invest in a sustainable lifestyle.

Our goal is to work smarter, rather than tirelessly, to create a brighter, healthier, more content-filled future.

By combining collective efforts, we generate innovative ideas and concepts, bringing them to life with a long term sustainable future and with an endless supply in growth.

About Us

Providing an Alternative lifestyle option for a better Future..

A viable off-grid community catering to those in search of a more wholesome and contented alternative for the future. A more intelligent approach to progress and a respectable opportunity for a rejuvenating new beginning.

The Smart Way Farward

Revolutionising Humanity


We use recycled, refurbished, natural and conventional materials not only to save the environment but to create affordable, eco friendly homes.

Eco System

Through our collective input and efforts into our eco-technology, vertical tower farming, and renewable energy projects, we ensure the long-term sustainability of the Camino Verde Community.


Organic lifestyle means we grow organically fresh products and develop our biproducts for a healthier future. The healthier way forward is organic.


We are a spiritual non-judgemental empathic group of truth-seekers, innovators, and awoken souls working towards a better, sustainable healthier lifestyle.

Our Work

What We Are Going To Do

Excitement awaits those who choose to depart from the confines of the matrix and embrace an off-grid existence, especially when accompanied by like-minded individuals who possess a determined and proactive mindset.


Our efforts involve the transformation of an under-developed rural land into an idyllic living and working environment, incorporating cutting-edge eco-technologies, innovative income-generating concepts, and advancements in eco-product development, all within a unified community. Through our collective business ventures, we will share in an equitable distribution of profits.


There has never been a more opportune moment to invest in your future than the present. We are embarking on a return to a simpler and more unhurried way of life, while simultaneously embracing the potential for future growth. 


We aim to bring together and present high-quality house-branded products, and services. This can only be executed through the blending of internationally diverse ideas, merging with the beautiful local Paraguayan culture that also seeks a new alternative lifestyle and a fresh start.

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Our Team

Peter Van Der Merwe

Founder - Creator - CEO

English - Afrikaans - Dutch

Susy Mendoza

Marketing Director /Pr

Spanish - English

Edna Grobler

Integration - International Relocations

English - Afrikaans

Shaun van den Heever

Youth integration and events co-ordinator


Let Go of Fear and Embrace Sustainability and Freedom